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Weight Loss

All too often the journey to become the size and shape you desire is fraught with setbacks and eventually you end up in the same or worse position than when you started.  The journey to achieve and maintain your goals can be aided with hypnosis.  Often the triggers which cause us to make unwise decisions can be reversed.  Stresses from the day can be relieved, sleep patterns improved and healthier life and body decisions made more easily on a day to day basis.  Once new habits have been formed the journey is so much easier and long lasting.  No more self sabotage. 


Motivation to excersice

If you are not a  'gym bunny'  but want that extra boost to get you to exercise, sneaking in a little extra walking or make use of that monthly direct debit to the gym then hypnotherapy could be the answer.  Working on a deeper subconscious level you may find yourself opting to exercise rather than procrastinating.  It's a great feeling and before you know it your body will be thanking you for the decisions you have been making. 


Choose the correct foods

By using hypnosis on a regular basis and listening to hypnotic recordings you may find that you are naturally attracted to healthier foods.  I have found that clients are very often more attracted to drinking water and eating foods which benefit both their bodies and their minds. 

Change for life change for good

No more diets, just healthy eating, moderate exercise and better sleep with less affects of stress.

We all know what we need to do.  What is a healthy life style but in this busy world doing is harder than it looks.  Until you use hypnosis. 

If you are interested  in changing old habits and replacing them with new healthier ones then hypnosis could be for you.