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 It has been proven through studies that  being in hypnosis is of benefit not only to your mental well being but also helps relax your body on a physical level.

It gives you the time for yourself which you deserve while benefiting your body. Hypnosis can evoke a mental calmness and physical relation which may have been lacking in your life. Especially if you are working or have other children to care for.


By using hypnosis for the birth or your baby you will be prepared for any situation that arises 

I can't guarantee that your birth will be quick but the average time for women which I see is about 3 hours whether it is their first, second, third or fourth baby.

Babies tend to be born more alert.

The whole process is more within your control and you will feel more prepared and relaxed.


Hypnosis can allow you to focus on the quality and quantity of your food intake.  Benefiting you and your baby immediately.  Once you are making the correct decisions on a daily / hourly basis you are able to regain your pre pregnancy size and shape with ease.


Hypnosis is the ideal way to bond with your baby before the birth.  You know that your baby is able to feel your emotions, stresses and happiness. What better way to show your love to your baby.    Dr Dale Beckett of the |British Society of Medical dn Dental Hypnosis says that hypnosis is an easy, rewarding way of communicating with your baby in the womb. 


Hypnosis can help achieve a consistently deep and beneficial sleep pattern.  The benefits of proper quality sleep are well known.  Allowing you to rejuvenate cells and rest your mind.  Allowing you to awake feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Does it affect your baby?

 there are several reports suggesting benefits, including better Apgar scores in babies born to mothers using hypnosis and significantly greater metal movements during periods of hypnosis compared with periods of rest.

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Other Benefits

A faster birth means less need for drugs and a shorter stay in hospital 

Develop a deep trust of your  body's natural ability to give birth 

Feel calm, relaxed and prepared for the birth 

Feel comfortable after the brith and the followings days and weeks settling into life with your new baby